Sunday, April 12, 2015

I kind of hate today now

So I was having a pretty amazing very lazy day with Josh. We stayed in bed all day binge watching The Big Bang Theory and I was a pretty happy girl all day. Then my mom called. My grandfather who lives a little over an hour away is in the hospital. They're keeping him sedated while they monitor him and I'm very very upset at the fact he's in the hospital, but I'm equally upset that NONE of my family here felt it necessary to call me and tell me to get the fk out of bed and head up there! Seriously family?! What the fuck.

Then on top of that there have been many posts on my Baby Center support groups of people posting inappropriate things in the wrong place. Like seriously!!! I am not a Dr or a pregnancy test how the hell am I supposed to know if you're pregnant??!!!!

Then to top things off I just read a thing on FB where a freaking 65 year old mother of 13, through the help of IVF, is now pregnant with quadruplets. What in the actual fuck!! What fucking Dr would do that and why the hell does God allow this?!

I would like to eventually have 4 kids, but in reality I really just want one ok? Seriously I really only want one beautiful healthy baby that I can take home. Instead I have to go through losses and infertility and then on top of that I have to hear about teens and old ladies that are old enough to be my grandmother having baby after baby.

The cosmic joke that is my life continues.....

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