Friday, April 10, 2015


I had my HSG today and it sucked! It only helped in furthering my belief that something is wrong with my uterus. I didn't have it done at my OBs office because the VA is not equipped to do them so I had to go out in town. The guy doing it said he'd never had anyone cry out in pain because of the balloon being inflated. It hurt so bad that he decided to proceed without inflating the balloon. Since I didn't have it done by my Dr I now have to wait for the results. So when my Dr calls I'm going to insist she do an ultrasound looking for fibroids or polyps. 

I'm really very upset that I don't have a more proactive Dr, I'm upset that I don't have a Dr that listens to me, I'm upset that I'm treated like a number instead of being treated as an individual. There is clearly something wrong with me and she is refusing and fighting me at every turn. I really hate that I have to fight this hard for my rainbow baby. It's making me lose hope that I will ever be able to take a baby home. 

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