Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rainbow Jellybean

So early in the month of May Bryan and I had talked about finally trying again. He wanted me healthy and cleared both mentally and physically. I agreed and started the process on getting cleared.
My shrink cleared me and I was waiting for my June 20th apt for my full blown physical. Apparently God had other plans.
Fast forward to the second week of June, I'm super moody, super tired, and super nautious. So I start wondering well "what if." Little miss Aunt Flow was due June 14th.....she's late June 15th....I guess I'll take a test. So I stop by Wal-Mart on my way home, I wasn't planning on taking the test until the next morning because that's what you're supposed to do, but as soon as I paid for the box of tests (They were on sale a box of 3 for $7!) I had to pee. I rushed home, yelled hello when I walked in the door and snuck upstairs. I took the test, placed it on the floor and called my sister.
I decided then I was being silly, I was only 1 day late, it's going to be negative, I'm an idiot and went to throw away the test. I picked it up and immediatly started freaking out! My sister calmed me down, made me repeat what I just said. "It's freaking positive I'm pregnant!!!!"
At this point I hear Bryan yell from downstairs. I get off the phone after swearing her to secrecy and run downstairs pee stick in hand (washed off and capped of course) and he's waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.
There's a slight staring contest, I break the silence first, hold out the stick and say "HA Ready or not" and bam my tears start flowing again. He takes the stick, stares at it for a minute, looks at me and says "how did this happen?" So I explain. He says "oh, why did you take a test?" I explain again. "he says Oh"

So far Bryan has been way more outwardly emotional and excited about this pregnancy, which makes me very happy. I'm not praying and hoping that I get to take this one home.

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