Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ER Trip yesterday

I was feeling crampy all day, nothing big just figured it was gas. But it didn't go away even after a ginormous BM (sorry TMI) so I decided to go to the ER. Turns out that I have a UTI. Super lame. I got meds and started taking them right away. Yay for orange pee...haha not
The upside was they did an U/S so I got to see the baby!! HB is 158! They did a regular U/S so the baby only looked like a blob but the HB was unmistakable and I got to SEE it! It was amazing.
So they said my cramping was actually in my bladder and it should go away soon.

Strange though even after I got to see the baby it still doesn't feel real to me. Maybe at my next apt they will do a better U/S so the blob will look like a baby and I can hear the HB.

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